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Equipped with superior technical skills and a vast musical knowledge A-Minor has grown a heavyweight career & reputation.


A-Minor serves as the OFFICIAL DJ for the Charlotte Hornets (NBA) and University of South Carolina Football (NCAA). 


“I always want to leave people with the impressions that it’s okay to dance and have fun, despite whose eyes are on you.”

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His love for ALL people, parties and music has made him into a go to for many of your favorite venues, events, and artist.


Regardless if he’s hosting on the mic or behind the decks Blanco supplies a GREAT time and EVERLASTING memories.

Puerto Rican through and through he brings an unmatched energy that’s sure to rub off on you and the dance floor.

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The one with all the playlists that her friends turned to, DES DOLLAR$ amplified her passion of music into a lifestyle & career.


With an electric sphere of sound, her signature combo consists of popular music intertwined with all of the classics. 


Her unlikely mix of excellence & groove will have you dancing, Shazam’ing, and begging her for playlist & styling tips.

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This PRAISED Dj came to know music at a youthful age. Then, after attending and djing at SC State University Glory ignited his career in radio (102.5 The Block & Vibe 92.7 Miami). 

He continues to BLESS dance floors, stages, and radio waves across the nation. 


WATER to WINE. Where there’s dedication and hard work, there’s “GLORY”.

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ATL born & CLT rooted.


KG’s rhythm took flight in the Carolinas and quickly flew across the Southeast. Turning his hobby into a career and his career into a way of life.


KG KO’s gig after gig with passion, preparation, and a HUGE smile.

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This Queens Borough (New York) native now calls the Queen City (Charlotte) home.


You can catch him rocking Shea Stadium or handling his business across the US. Deejay Lomo uses his years of experience, professional know-how and captivating personality to keep the party ENERGIZED!!

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Dj Manny took it from the “Party Upstairs” to the main stage in a compact amount of time. 


How ? A serious dedication to his craft, many sleepless nights, and an intimate connection with nightlife. If he’s not in the booth djing, he’s on a tour managing. If he’s not on a tour managing, he’s throwing his own festival (Good Lxxks). 


It is safe to say that this “City Boy” gets busy and stays there.

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Nevy dropped a pin in The Triangle but keeps the Carolinas on their toes. Serving as the OFFICIAL DJ for UNC Chapel Hill (NCAA) he lives his life and djs gigs with high energy and positive vibrations. 


Working venues, parties, and private events for almost an entire decade he managed to catch the eyes, ears, and hearts of some of your favorite music festivals and artists. 


SCO Nevy !!

Untitled-1.psddsccsds copy.pngQWWQWQ.png


North Carolina native guaranteed to AMP up any crowd in his sights.


He gives new meaning to the term “Open Format”. A musical & demographic chameleon NICE takes pride in formatting rooms & reading crowds.

Seriously, a TRUE Open Format DJ.

Untitled-1.psddsccsds copy.pngWEFEWF.png


Music Curator for some of the largest brands in the world & Disc Jockey to some of the coolest parties on earth. J Overcash brings engagement no matter the job. 


NODA living legend, this App State grad shares his love of classic samples, designer beer, and good times with any and all.


Behind the turntables, at a concert or cheering on his beloved Mountaineers, Panthers, Knights, or Hornets he’s standing out as the guy with a beard, hat & glasses.

Untitled-1.psddsccsds copy.pngKJ.png


Hair Stylist turned DJ. Founder of Radical Grove.  


Student of the game and master of the elements. Rowshay has seen it, smelled it, and tasted it all. From Boondocks to Beach Docks. VIP to no ID. 

He is gig, event tested, crowd & client approved.

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From the rurals of South Carolina comes Dj Red. 


With a savory mix of house music, hip hop, R&B, art, whisky, and tropics. This foodie/dj has played a major role and remained a staple in the Carolinas and a fixture across the globe.


His passion to please and desire to grow it’s no surprise this walking encyclopedia of nightlife keeps a studio full of accolades and a checklist of high profile clientele.


“5 Stars. Highly recommend .”

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Maryland raised and NC praised. 


Landing in Greensboro for College but made his way across NC djing. His detailed preparation and masterful execution keeps his calendar and dance floors packed.


Known for his crisp technique, prodigious ear, and earning a PhD in FUN. Yona without doubt leaves parties with “good times” and “memories”.

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